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Name:Holloway's Keep
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Welcome, dear guest,

I regret to inform you that at this point in time, the world as you know it will never be. Through an unfortunate series of events, the universe has suffered an ontological cataclysm. It has been unmade such that it never truly existed at all.

It is my intention to right this great wrong. In the intervening lapse in time, I urge patience. You need only wait, and your homes will be made new. I invite you to take refuge within Holloway’s Keep. My household staff is at your service and I trust you will work with them through your shared trials.

Your humble host,

Deior, Lord of Holloway's Keep.
It lurks within the walls, waiting for a loose latch or old lock to unearth the maw. It devours light, drinks in sound. All that can be heard within are the sounds you yourself make, and whatever hides beneath them.

Every step you take could be masking the step of another. But how much longer are their strides? How much quieter their footfalls? How long will it take for them to close in? You should turn back.

Perhaps if you hold your breath you’ll hear them, before your lungs begin to burn and your heart to pound in your ears. Perhaps if you stop they’ll betray themselves and you’ll know which way is safe to run.

You need only wait

As it stalks closer




There is nothing behind you.

And nothing can harm you here.
Holloway’s Keep is a blood-and-ice-cream horror game set in a post-apocalyptic medieval castle. It is based on the works of Mark Z. Danielewski and Garth Nix, but incorporates dark humour, time- and space-paradoxes and elements of a period game.

We’re panfandom, plot-driven and community based.

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